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Mr. Bell has been working for the federal government, for over thirty years, as a Scientific and Technical Photographer.  His interests in photography were started by his older brother, after he was given a Polaroid camera for the holiday when he was eight years old.  Mr. Bell believes in giving back and was associated with the Shooting Back, for the Arts program, where he volunteers his personal time teaching photography and being a big brother with the young adults of Washington, D.C. area.

Mr. Bell has a solid photographic training, from several institutions here in the United States and Europe. Receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology and was able to study photography at the prestigious, Salzburg College in Salzburg, Austria.  Mr. Bell has been able to maintain his skills by attending seminars across the country in places like, Santa Fa Photographic Workshops and Maine Media Workshops.  Mr. Bell has also been called to provide instruction on different photographic techniques over the years and believes,  "Once you stop learning you should get out of the business."

He has provided assistance, and photographic work: to local businesses, theater companies and other photography studios.  Mr. Bell continues to challenge his ability, and learn from his fellow photographers.