The Color of Vermont Workshop by David Middleton and his crew.

Like most of the photography workshops that you attend, can be a mix bag of attendees with their level of expertise. You have to accept that when you go into your workshop. This one is no different, but the level of instruction given can make or break your enjoyment of your workshop. I will tell you up front that I liked this workshop. Granted this workshop was about landscape photography, and very different from what I normally take in a workshop, and completely different from my day job. David and his fellow workshop instructors, Jeff and Lisa, made this trip enjoyable for me. Just the right amount of joking, just the right amount of instruction, and their insight about my work was very useful.

The fellow students where not your typical group of want-a-be hobbyist, but a group of strong talent individuals, each with their own distinctive eye.

I wish I had the drive like some of them, photographing everything they see, but after all these years, I’m more selective in my choice of subject matter. Maybe it’s the subject matter, because when I’m working events and weddings, I can easily have a larger selection of images to choice from. Granted I get more enjoyment out of photographing people and I call my self more of a people photographer then an object photographer.

I will tell you again at this point, I had a good time, I learn a few new tricks and the critique about my work, helped me with my composition.


This is a iPhone shot for one location from the workshop.