You can always learn a new trick from others.

My day job, just put on a photography conference for our photographer’s that work in our field program. It was three days of technique reviews, learning new methods in Photoshop, and meeting old friends.

One of my unit’s job is to over see the field photography program, and in it, are some younger talented photographers. I’m one of the last old timers, based out of what is called HQ. The shift in job responsibilities, started long time ago, with photography assignments going to our field photographers’ more and more, with the HQ grew, becoming as administrators. Sure, we have our photographic responsibilities, but they some times feel like side duties.

But, this conference is a way for us HQ people to connect with our field people. Was it a success, I think so. We provided photographic training, insight into the budget, and introduce more administrative information from departments that can use our services. Plus the food was fantastic at the local restaurants that we gather at.

Overall I had a great time and learn several different techniques and approaches from my co-workers and even fixed several of their Mac computers. I have been burned out visually these last few years, and one way to revitalize my vision is to take classes and try new stuff.

Soon, I’m taking a working vacation and photographing landscape up in Vermont. It’s a place that I never been and should be fantastic. I’m taking a workshop sponsored by the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop and is rightfully called, “Fall Colors of Vermont.” Let’s see if I can revitalize my love for photography and get me out of this rut.