The importance of planning

I might not be retired from my day job, yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from planning my next photography adventure, and employment. When I decided to start my own business for when I retire, anything was possible. But, I want to make sure that I plan it properly, with forethought.

It’s a good idea to put down on paper the services that you plan to offer. Work your way back, and produce a roadmap to your destination. You start at point A, determine how to get past point B, so you can get to point C, your final destination.

One of those final destinations is providing aerial views of commercial buildings. One of my backers and supporters, want me to provided that service. I’m game, all for learning new techniques, expanding my toolbox, being more useful to my clients.

After my first look into the problem of purchasing a drone with a camera system. I found several that I can support, and afford, but, I also learned that you need a commercial license, approval by the FAA.

Section 107 is is the exam that you have to pass to get a license to fly a commercial drone. I am currently reading all the information found on the FAA website that covers, Section 107. The FAA wants the drone pilot to have a basic understanding of flight, also called ground school.

I’m glad that I always had an interest in flying. Never had the money to learn to fly, but, I figured this will make up for that un-achieved goal. So far the information is really interesting, maybe one day, I can also take the next step and learn to become a pilot, but till then, becoming a drone pilot will have to do.

I’ve accomplish standard aerial photography during my career, and always enjoyed doing it. So, this will be the next step in aerial photography as my next tool in my tool box.