Set backs and moving on.

My last post talked about getting sick and me not being able to video tape an event. True it has set me back, with my projects, but I’m not out, yet.

My imaging projects will always be a life time adventure, and I keep planning many more as time goes by. Who wants to set and just watch TV.

My next project, is as a featured artist during the month of June with other artist from the FairFax Art League. My girlfriend’s aunt, who is an multimedia painter, and a member of the Art League, has been asking me to join, so I finally did. She is the one that is driving me to show my work again, in the Art League’s gallery space. So, this coming June, I will be showing about twenty pieces of my photography.

This isn’t my first show, but it’s been a number of years, since I’ve shown any of my photography. My day job and several personal issues had to be resolved before I could resume my personal photography. That’s one of the problem when you work for the Federal Government as a photographer, it kind of takes over your life, but at least I have a steady paycheck.

So, what will I show. I been thinking about what kind of a show, and to be honest, most people haven’t seen my work in about twenty years. So, I plan to show a retrospect. I have images that I liked, from right after high school and college, to just recently. It will be some; street photography, landscapes, theater and architecture photography, and maybe some portraiture as well.

Most of my prints have been mounted already, I just need to make sure the prints, are still hanging nicely in the mounts. I also plan to show work that I haven’t shown to others in a long time. I will try and post some photographs from the event.