My group show has been installed.

It’s been a number of years for me to show my photography. So I decided to show some of my favorite photographs over the years. How best to start by joining the FairFax Art League, monthly show as the Feature Artist. If it wasn’t for my girlfriend’s aunt who is a multi-media painter asking me to join and show, I would not have done it.

It’s not that I don’t like to show my work, but working for the Federal Government has put a damper on going public. They feel that if you put your self out there, the crazy’s might find you and cause you trouble, and that means trouble for the government.

As I pasted my retirement age, the age that I can retire from work with a pension, the less I am concern with having a problem with putting myself out there. I will have to do it anyways, when I cross over to the general private sector, and start trying to get clients.

So this is the first of many I hope, that will get my name and photography known to the public. This photograph is from the gallery install and are some of my favorite images from the 00’s and 10’s. As you can see, design is develop into my work.


view from two panels at the show. 





These are images from my street photography days, long before it became fashionable in the 80’s and 90’s.