What's in a name?

So why did I pick the name Vorlago and not use my own name. First off, my name is very common in the English language and used by many people. That's the problem with having three common names, Jeffrey, Thomas and Bell. You can't get any more common then that. I've seen lawyers, producers, photographers, bartenders, with my name. It's hard to stand out with a name that's so common.

Vorlago is not really a made up name, it's derived from a German word used in the ski jumping industry and means your presentation. I was watching the Winter Olympics, the sportscasters used that word to explain the presentation of the jump. It was all about their body position in relation to their arms and legs as they fly through the air.

Well, photography is a form of presentation and I'm part German, so, I looked it up and changed a letter and went with it.